Tui Acid Food, 1.5kg bag

Tui Acid Food, 1.5kg bag
  • Specially formulated for plants that thrive in a lower soil pH (acidic)
  • Potassium for enhanced and prolonged flowering
  • Trace elements to correct soil deficiencies and improve nutrient uptake
  • Encourages strong healthy growth, Tui Acid For will lower the soil pH
  • Dig in to the soil at planting time or side dress around the drip line of plants
  • Suitable for camellia, rhododendron, azalea, gardenia, erica, daphne and kalmia
  • Will help maintain blue hydrangeas
  • Not suitable for plants grown in contours, patio pots and tubs. Garden use only

NPK 4-4-6 + S + Ca + Mg + TE